17 Famous Celebrities who love Jesus Christ! (Christians Athletes, Actors, Actress, Musicians)

Meet the famous born-again Christians who believe in God, Jesus Christ.

List include Dr Ben Carson, Kirk Cameron, George Foreman, Phil Robertson, Manny Pacquiao , Denzel Washington, Devon Franklin, David Oyelowo, Angus T Jones, Mark Burnett, Tim Tebow, Ray Lewis

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  1. God bless these precious people who tasted what the world had thrown to them n found that everything was dark n empty n false, only to return into the Ever Lasting Arms of Jesus and find joy peace n Happyness. God bless all u precious people.

  2. In the presence of your people lord, we will praise your mighty name, for you alone are holy, enthroned on the praises of your glory, we will proclaim your goodness, and your steadfast love, may your name be exalted here on earth and in heaven above, we love you lord !!!!

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