40-Year-Old Man Saved From Life of Satanism By His Mother’s Prayers


Brian never thought that he would feel encompassing love and feel redemption after all the sins he had made growing up. He followed Satanism and bounced in and out of prison. But his mother never gave up on him and relentlessly prayed for his salvation.

Growing up, Brian developed this immense anger and hatred from being a bullied kid at school and from the emotional and physical abuse he suffered from his very own father. These feelings eventually manifested in his actions and he started fights in school, trashed churches, stole, and got into the business and use of illegal drugs and pornography at age 14.

He was shuffled around group homes, treatment shelters, and psych wards after his dad turned him in for selling pot. His misdemeanors landed him in jail several times, starting when he was 18 for burglarizing 250 homes. He served 10 years at a maximum prison where he practiced Satanism.

“Calling on all the powers of the demonic realm. By then I was already heavy into the speeders, heavy into LSD. Seeing the fear in people’s eyes knowing what I was involved with, even the guards – boy, that really fed that ego,” Brian recalled in an interview with The 700 Club.


Shortly after his release, he shot a man point-blank, landed back in jail after his mother tipped the police, and served 12 years. He returned to meth after his release which caused the death of his friend and put him back in prison again. After so many stints in jail and at 40, Brian decided to start anew and so joined a faith-based drug and alcohol program where he read the Bible and learned about God’s love. It was also during his stay in the program that he learned that his mother, Dorothy, never stopped praying for him and loving him.

“I always told him I loved him. I’d say, ‘No matter what you do, you’re not going to turn my love away,’” Dorothy said.

Brian learned about his mother’s prayers through a 13-page letter she sent him as part of his recovery. He never even finished reading it when he wept because he realized that he had hurt his mom so much “up to the point that she wanted to just die.” However, through the letter, he realized that he had never been unloved.

“She told me that she had been praying for me ever since I got lost. It blew me away. It blew me away that for 33 years my mom never gave up on me. That’s real love. That’s the love of Christ,” Brian shared

In the next months, Brian renounced Satanism and followed God. He made peace with his mother and his father and started a new path to becoming a pastor. Now, he has a new purpose and that’s to share with others the truth of God’s love and forgiveness.