5 Facts About Heaven That Will Blow Your Mind

Is Heaven a place where disembodied spirits sit on puffy clouds playing harps? Are we just going to float around for all eternity with nothing to do? What will Heaven look like?

According to the Bible, Heaven will be better than we can imagine! We will build, plant, harvest, and even travel the universe like angels. Find out more by watching this video!

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  1. The earth will not be destroyed ,just like in the time of Noah. Isaaiah 45:18 calls God”The Formerof the earth and the Maker of it’ and adds “He the One who firmly establishes it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited”. But what are the “new earth” It’s not a new planet, God made the Earth just right for humans to live on, and it is his will that it remains forever.Psalms 104:5 The the new earth refers to a new group or society of people.the ëarth”that will be destroyed are the people that make themselves part of this wicked system of things.(2Peter3:7) The new earth that replaces them will be made up of true servants of God., who separated themselves of the world.John 17:14, I John 2 :17 What are the “new heavens” God made our physical heavens perfect.The “new heavens” refer to a new rulership over the earth. The heavenly government with Jesus Christ as its King and the co-rulers are 144, 000.Revelation 5 :9,10, Revelation 14: 1,13

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