5-Year-Old’s Kindergarten Class Shows Up For His Adoption Hearing


A young boy’s adoption day became even more special when his kindergarten class showed up at the courthouse to support and show him some love.

It was adoption day for 5-year-old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. and he could barely contain his excitement to finally be welcomed into his forever home. But ahead of the big day, his kindergarten teacher Mrs. McKee, with the help of Michael’s mother, planned a special field trip to the courthouse for the entire class. The teacher suggested the courthouse trip to the mom one day when she dropped Michael off at Wealthy Elementary School.

From there, Mrs. McKee made the necessary preparation. She arranged for the bus and even prepared heart flyers for the kids to bring to court.

During the adoption day, Michael’s entire kindergarten class showed up at the courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday to show their support and love for their classmates. They sat in the audience waving the big red hearts mounted on sticks. They also took pictures with Michael and his new family and with the judge, who said it was the first time she hosted an adoption hearing in front of a room full of kindergarteners.


Kent County, Michigan

Yesterday we brought you the story of Michael. He invited his kinder… garten class to his adoption hearing because, in his words, they are part of his family. We knew people would love Michael, but we were surprised at how fast and how far this story traveled.

Michael’s father David told reporters that his favorite part during the adoption hearing was when the kids shared what Michael means to them. They stood up and said they love him and most of them said: “Michael’s my best friend.”

Michael has been with his foster family for a year since Thanksgiving 2018. His father and mother have been together for 10 years.

“We didn’t have any kids prior to that, and things got pretty chaotic in a hurry,” his father told CNN, adding that he is thankful and amazed at the many children who welcomed Michael “into their homes and play dates.” The proud parents said their son is very friendly and loves to swim, dance, and play basketball and soccer.

As for Michael, he proudly told reporters that he loves his daddy so much and his father could barely hold his tears and was only able to say “wow” in response.

Michigan boy invites entire kindergarten class to adoption hearing

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