6-Year-Old Boy Giggles in Joy When First Hold His Baby Brother Weighing 1.7 Pounds For God Answered His Prayer

God answers prayer in perfect timing. He knows when and how to answer one’s wish and grant overflowing happiness. A 6-year-old boy named Mikey was praying for a baby brother for years already. His mom had a miscarriage that brought sadness to the family. Despite this incident, Mikey continued to pray for him to have a sibling. God doesn’t say yes all the time, in an instant. He knows the perfect time to grant your prayers.

Mikey’s mom got pregnant after the miscarriage and he was so excited about his upcoming sibling. When his mother finally gave birth to a baby, it was very small as it only weighed 1.7 pounds. The baby stayed in the NICU for 60 days when Mikey finally visited his baby brother which they named Jake.

Siblings are God’s gift to us. It is just normal to have some arguments with your siblings but at the end of the day, love should still prevail. Mikey’s brother was born 9 weeks early and they named it Jake. Mikey’s heart was filled with too much happiness seeing his brother and being able to hold him for the first time. It was a great blessing that God has given the family. If you ask something from the Lord, be patient and be optimistic for the Lord our God truly listens to our prayer.

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