6-Year-Old Girl Got Gift From God, Interpreting A Word Of Tongues

This is a testimony from Eden, 6 years old, who received the gift of interpreting in tongues. God demonstrated her gift, and through her interpretation, one woman who had longstanding diabetes got healing prayer from the whole church.

This is beautiful. Let the kids be with the people of faith and experience the glory of God. Praise the Lord!

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  1. You do realize that speaking in tongues as what is described in the Bible is actual language. It does not mean gibberish or babbling, it is an actual language that someone can interpret. I don’t speak spanish, but say God wants me to share the gospel with a group of people that only speak spanish. The Lord would make it so I could speak to them and someone there would interpret it. Again, it is not meaning gibberish or babbling. What these people are promoting is unbiblical.

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