7 Scriptural Proofs We Are Living In The Last Days

Have you ever thought that you might be living in what the Bible calls the LAST DAYS? Have you looked around at this world full of sin and wondered why the Father lets it all happen?

Very good video. The Father is removing the scales from his peoples’ eyes.

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  1. Time will end as he said it will. Not even the Angels know. All Christians will know. Thank you my Heavenly Father. We love and need you in these terrible times. We all need to stay strong in his Word. Pray pray pray

  2. The world changed faster the last 100 yrs than a combination of the last 1000. Its racing toward its end. And people are sleeping to the idea, it will all end faster than they think! Jesus loves each and every person, from all races and groups, and I pray more people would realize this sooner then later!

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