7 Scriptural Proofs We Are Living In The Last Days

Have you ever thought that you might be living in what the Bible calls the LAST DAYS? Have you looked around at this world full of sin and wondered why the Father lets it all happen?

Very good video. The Father is removing the scales from his peoples’ eyes.

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  1. “After a succession of hot, sultry days in the summer, we sense there must be a storm before the cool days come back again. Similarly, in these days of confusion, there is an intuition of impending catastrophe, a feeling that some immense preternatural disturbance must bring the evil of the world to ruins before we can be set free again. As DeGoncourt told Berthelot, who had boasted of the future destructiveness of war through physics: ‘When that day comes, God as a night-watchman will come down from Heaven, rattling His keys, saying, Gentleman! It is closing time!” – Fulton Sheen

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