7 Scriptural Proofs We Are Living In The Last Days

Have you ever thought that you might be living in what the Bible calls the LAST DAYS? Have you looked around at this world full of sin and wondered why the Father lets it all happen?

Very good video. The Father is removing the scales from his peoples’ eyes.

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  1. Read the book of Revelation. It will change your outlook on life. It’s a blessing to know the revelation knowledge of this awesome
    Amazing book concerning your life and the knowledge of the book of Prophecy. It makes you think about the life that you are living right now. It makes you think am I really save? Am I just proclaiming to be Christ-like?
    Do my life reflect Christ way of life and living. This book will make you change every area of your life to sacrifice yourself to a living God to live that Ultimate live according to the will, the plan and desire of a Holy Holy God. Make your mind who you are going to serve before it’s to late. The world and man can’t get into the Eternal Kingdom of Jesus the Christ King that will reign for ever.


  2. Very inspiring, informative to be ready anytime, during the last days of our time by going back and obey God’s Commandments as our best weapon for attaining our Eternal Life. So for those who’re disobedient, it’s high time now to obey the Laws and follow God’s Commandments.

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