7-Year-Old Boy Shaves His Head To Raise Money For Friend Battling Cancer


More often than not, children provide a far better lesson about kindness than adults. Their sincerity to help and show compassion is genuine and pure. When they decide to help, it is because they feel it in their hearts to help.

7-year-old Olly Spencer from Anstey in Leicester, U.K. has not only shaved his head to support his best friend Tommy-Lee Hetherington who is was receiving treatment for leukemia. He also shaved his head so he can raise money to help his friend and others battling cancer.

Olly befriended Tommy-Lee when the latter started school in Woolden Hill Primary School in the new term. He made sure that the new student felt welcome but soon realized that he was ill. He did not know though what his illness was but felt he needed to help him in any way he can. Olly admitted that seeing his friend with no hair made him “feel sad” So days later he asked his mom if he could shave his hair so Tommy-Lee wouldn’t be alone.

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Then there’s this… When seven-year-old Olly Spencer saw there was a boy in his class with no hair because of his cancer… https://t.co/VMwerIf7cR

“I came home from school and asked my mummy if I could shave my head, so Tommy-Lee wasn’t the only boy in school with no hair. Tommy-Lee has become my best friend. We play and work together at school,” Olly told Leicestershire Live.

“I wanted to help Tommy-Lee as he has cancer and I wanted the cancer to go away. I raised money for the charity that supports him and others by shaving my head, so we could both be bald together,” the kind boy added.

Olly said that Tommy-Lee will always be his best friend and that they will always look out for each other in everything they do. He promised to support him wherever he can. This is where he joined “Brave the Shave” in an effort to raise money for his friend and those others battling cancer at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Olly, with the help of his family and Tommy-Lee’s family, and the media was also able to raise £1,200 (around $1,560).

Tommy-Lee was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2018 and after going through intensive treatment, he is now in remission. His mother, Kelly, couldn’t be proud of her son for enduring lumbar punctures, blood transfusions, and intensive stage of steroids. The boy remained happy and positive. As for Olly’s gesture, Kelly called it an “awesome thing to do” and said she is also proud of him. He called Olly a “smashing little lad.”

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