7-Year-Old Girl Belts Out Fantastic Voice Singing “Jesus Loves Me” Listeners Was Left In Awe


We describe the word love in so many terms and ways based on what we know and what we experienced. There’s a lot of definition of love according to a lot of people but do you know that the first exhibition of love started on the cross of Calvary? Jesus died on the cross to redeem us all from our sins sacrificing His life. He paid the ransom through His precious blood and all of these happened because of His great love to us. God’s love is unconditional and constant, it never fades under whatever circumstances.

Rhema Marvanne is a 7-year-old little girl who is blessed with a soft sweet voice that she uses in singing praises to God. At an early age, she has developed self-esteem and is never scared of showing her talent to others. Rhema loves to record music of her own and her followers were inspired upon watching the videos that she uploaded. Now she’s belting out one of the most common songs that we learned from our Sunday School service “Jesus Loves Me”. Rhema was trying to make funny faces before the song starts and this is so amazing.

Rhema’s angelic voice makes everyone fall in love with her and this cute little girl is blessed with a supernatural talent from God above. Who would have thought that a 7-year-old girl could offer her talent in singing for God’s glory? If you happen to discover your God-given talent, make sure you use it first for the glory of God before He takes it away from you.

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