8-Year-Old Boy Fighting For His Life After Bullies Set Him On Fire With Petrol


When it comes to children, you’d think that they are not capable of doing inexplicable things. On the contrary, there are bad things in this world that can taint their innocent minds and bullying is one product of such influence.

Bullies are everywhere and we often hear of children tormenting their classmates in school or picking up a fight with others. Some resort to online bullying.

However, an unprovoked and very disturbing act of bullying happened recently to an innocent 8-year-old boy in Ukraine. Kyrylo Yatsun was out playing in a courtyard near his apartment complex when a group of older children attacked him.

According to reports, the bullies doused the boy’s shirt with petrol and then set him on fire. The tormenters laughed and just watched as Kyrylo screamed in pain. They only fled when passersby rushed to rip the burning shirt off the boy’s body and put out the fire before calling an ambulance. They then rushed the poor child to Dnipro Regional Children’s Hospital where he went under multiple surgeries to remove the burnt skin from his hips, arms, torso, and head.

Kyrylo’s mom Eugenia recalled the horrible incident with local media and said some children alerted her of her son’s condition while she was at home cooking. She ran outside and saw her boy lying on the ground and the skin on his belly and legs were badly burned. Eugenia called the bullies as “monsters” since they set Kyrylo on fire “on purpose without any reason.”

The attack left Kyrylo with burns to 35 percent of his body and he would have to undergo skin grafts. He is still in grave condition and continues to fight for his life.

“We do everything possible to keep him alive. He is conscious and can speak but his injuries are very serious and his condition is still life-threatening,” Dr. Posunko of Dnipro Regional Children’s Hospital said.

As for the perpetrators, local officials have apprehended them but they claim to have set Kyrylo on fire by accident. Witnesses are saying otherwise.

Doctors have been working hard over the last ten days to alleviate Kyrylo’s pain and give him a fighting chance of survival. He is expected to spend two months in the hospital.

Kyrylo needs all the prayers he can get for him to battle this traumatic experience physically and mentally. Prayers for guidance, strength, perseverance, and the will to forgive are also needed for his mother, who never left his side at the hospital.