9 Year Old Sees Jesus, Told To Warn Everyone That He Is Coming Back Soon

While worshiping The Lord in one afternoon this girl had a vision of Jesus telling her that he is coming soon. God is even using children to declare his promises and what is to come. Please invite him into your heart as Lord and Savior. Jesus is coming back soon, are you ready?

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  1. The image of the Lord Jesus Christ visibly appear with one of my photo,taken last July 12,2017 and I have the same message that the people must have their faith in Him and be faithful until He comes.I posted it in my timeline.

  2. I believe in this child’s vision. My son Michael had a similar experience 4 yrs ago. He just turned 7 yrs old that time . Sept 27.2013, we had a 3 hr swimming bonding as a family. He fell asleep when we got to the house of my wife’s bro in law. My son had stranged twitching movement while asleep. I went over and innocently called his name and he answered who are you (while asleep). I told him i am nestor your dad. He replied they say i will loose my memory briefly but will be restored soon. My wife and youngest daughter also had the same questioning when they talked to him. I ask him where are you now? He replied i am being flown by 4 angels. At first 4 then will become 2 angels when i am more experienced. Here we are leaving earth … many earths…some bigger than the sun.. i asked if his body is being guarded… he replied yes there are 5 angels,4 surrounded my body and 1 at your back. After few seconds he said… i am now with aunt lea(who died of cancer in the us and was buried in the philippines a day earlier), and Jesus. We are bing surrounded by many angels. Jesus have eyes like fire, he has small beard, his hair up to his shoulder, his face wa so bright that there is no need for light, his cloth down to his feet is very white and bright, he has no wings but he can go up and down without stairs. He has no sandal because his feet dont get dirty. His voice is low and with echo echo. His message is dont believe in 2 Jesus because there us only 1 Jesus, and do not make other gods. After some moment he told me that they were giving instructions for him to open gates after gates. He said the gates are numbered at first but later on when i get used to it, the number will disappear… there is a gate here that only Jesus can enter… what is it i asked… he replied…King’s gate. By this time my son was spiritually travelling for 30 mins. Then he said we are now coming back…i can see now my body…the angels are now leaving…i am now here…and with a sudden surge of air in his nostril and a lift of his chest from the bed… he opened his eyes… and asked for water bacause he says very tired… he has multiple travels from then on receiving many messages… God uses young uncorrupted children to deliver his messages to mankind. God bless.

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