9 Year Old Sees Jesus, Told To Warn Everyone That He Is Coming Back Soon

While worshiping The Lord in one afternoon this girl had a vision of Jesus telling her that he is coming soon. God is even using children to declare his promises and what is to come. Please invite him into your heart as Lord and Savior. Jesus is coming back soon, are you ready?

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  1. Everybody knows he is coming bk soonest,even the Satan knows as well, the question is what are we doing about it? how u are u preparing for his coming??there has been millions of handwriting on wall,signs,revelations,,,but believe u me,,99%of people commenting and advocating here for his coming ….are not ready,they are just joining the bandwagon…..been optimistic as a tradition…..be sincere to ursef…..

  2. The FACT that every single comment on here behind Samanthas comment has been NOTHI G but opinions and JUDGEMENT just goes to show. Live and let live, take what you can from an opinion and leave the rest. It’s amazing how so many believers are so quick to Judge, high and mighty and better than the rest when Jesus clearly said, LOVE your God and Love your neighbor!!! If she chooses to share her opinion, don’t beat her down, because it may be the last time she ever shares and clams up, resulting in so many other problems in life. Love. See thru the eyes of JESUS AND LOVE! JUST AS HE HAS LOVES US, I LOVE YOU ALL. EVERY SINGLE JUDGEMENTAL ONE!!

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