A Garbageman’s Act of Kindness Towards A Dad Gracefully Reminds The Daughter of Dad’s Love Even He Has Alzheimer’s


Seeing someone you love suffering is very devastating. This is how Julie Bick felt when her Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just a year after her Mom passed away. She decided to make the most of her time left with her Dad.

“I never was able to spend much time with my mother as her passing was sudden,” she told  Love What Matters. “I let life get in the way of making time for my mother and I refuse to let life get in the way of me spending these last moments with my father.”

So Julie, a single mother of two, decided to move in to take care of her Dad. As time passed by, Dad’s memory began to fail him. With this, Julie had no choice but to make changes to secure her Dad’s safety. She was forced to take away his truck keys, and stop him from doing everyday things like mowing the lawn and taking his medications. This put her Dad in a depressed state and it was hard for Julie to see him like that. However, a particular garbageman named Harold lightened up the mood of her Dad.

“As I sat on the porch, I could hear the garbage truck in the distance and saw my father walking down the driveway to greet Harold,” Julie writes.  “He said he needed a chair to sit down, as he is very unstable on his feet. I asked, ‘Where would you like the chair?’ as I was carrying it out of the garage. He requested I take it to the end of the driveway so he can visit with Harold.”

As they were walking to the end of the driveway, her Dad stopped her and said something that definitely left her crying:

 ‘Harold is my friend. He is religious and I would like a moment with Harold so we can pray for you.’ 

With this Julie was reminded of something that forever changed her perspective about her Dad and his disease.

“… no matter what disease my father has, it will never take away his love for me. “

Tears were unstoppable as she saw this complete stranger, on his knees beside her Dad, praying for her. “Then I look back and see Harold on his knees next to my father sitting in the chair, and there was no stopping the crying at this point.”

This absolutely touched Julie’s heart and she knew that the world needs to know that there is still so much good in this world. Truly, this simple act of kindness didn’t just touch Julie’s heart but even the hearts of those who have read this beautiful story.

” This stranger is on his knees praying with my father for me. I’m at an ugly but happy cry at this point. I’m simply at a loss for words and think to myself, ‘I have to take a picture to capture this beautiful moment.’ This simple act of kindness has touched me so much. Harold has touched my heart and I knew I had to share this with friends and family on Facebook. I did, and many asked me to please make the post public so they can share it. I have and this single post has reached thousands.   There is so much good in this world, and it starts with simple acts of kindness. Harold, thank you for your kindness and prayers. I will never forget this moment.”