A Woman Who Met a Car Accident Diagnosed Could Not Feeding Herself in Two Years Now Plays Notes Of Hope Through Her Road to Recovery


Notes of hope are played by this woman who’s now in the road of recovery. This Facebook post has surely brought hope to people who badly need it at the moment!

Angie met a bad car accident three months ago which resulted in internal bleeding and breathing problems. It broke her bones in shoulders, pelvis, wrist, ribs, and some vertebrae in her back were fractured. She went through multiple surgeries and spent weeks in the ICU and rehab. The doctors even said to her family that their goal is in 2 years Angie will be able to touch the top of her head and feed herself. But they did not accept that, especially Angie who’s very determined and full of hope that she will soon recover. And here she is! Playing every note with so much hope. This song, I believe, is Angie’s message to the world. Every lyric of the song ‘I Held On’ speaks of the hope that she has.

You ask me how it is that I’m still standing

You wonder how I made it

You ask me how it is that I’m still standing

You wonder how I made it through the storm

I can’t boast of any special powers

There’s no secret, I just held on

The road to recovery may be long but Angie is still holding on to the God that’s sovereign, to the God that is great, and to the God that heals. She’s not broken! Her bones may have broke but her hopes are not. Angie’s story is already a testimony to those people who are starting to lose hope. And for sure, her story will be a greater testimony of who God is.

“LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.”—Psalm 30:2