After Serving the Devil, Ex-Drug Addict Surrenders His Life To God


What started out as dabbling in Vicodin given by friends turned into a worst addiction that Mickyle James L. Eshelman has since regretted and lived to tell his story with others. The singer for My Dog Junior said he started taking illegal drugs at 17 until adulthood. He was hooked on it for nine years and it completely took control of his life.

“I’ve used nearly every drug under the sun. I’ve burglarized, robbed, stole cars, dealt drugs, cheated, manipulated, controlled, and bullied my way through life. I was so prideful and selfish,” Eshelman wrote on Facebook, adding that getting addicted to heroin made him a devil’s advocate. He surrendered his soul to the devil and did things that gave the devil pleasure. He wreaked havoc on his life and everyone else’s.

However, all through these years, he felt a void in his soul that no amount of heroin and fake pleasures in life: drugs, sex, gambling, porn, money, and the list goes on, could fulfill. After several near-death experiences from a drug-related overdose, he wanted out and wanted to find meaning in life.

Eshelman became a born-again Christian three years ago and has never turned back since. He has been sober for three years and has since opened his heart to Jesus who has given him the peace and fulfillment in life he has been yearning.

“Completely depleted of life, I cried out to him. I humbled myself at his feet and remorsefully repented of all of the horrible things I had done. I acknowledged my sin for what it was: disobedience to the God who gave me life. From that moment of repentance, EVERYTHING changed,” Eshelman revealed and added that his “heart completely flipped upside down” and he started desiring doing what is good and despising anything evil.

Eshelman hopes that by sharing his experience he can convince others to open their hearts to Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. He reminds everyone that God always forgives and loves despite our past.