After Two Attempts at Suicide, Drug Addict Cries Out To The Lord For Help


My name is Pam Pena and I have served the Lord for 14 years now and I can truly say that God is good. He pulled me out of drug addiction and self-loathe during my younger years. You see, even if I grew up in a loving, Christian family, I sought acceptance from others during my teen years. That thirst led me to a substance abuse addiction.

I did cocaine and got involved with the drug dealer. I would do drugs for days and even weeks. Then I got pregnant and took the wrong route of having the baby aborted. Instead of getting the approval that I was looking for from my peers, they looked down on me. That experience affected me so much that I started to hate myself and became a bulimic and anorexic. I also tried to take my own life by overdosing but God spared me.

I then dropped out of college and turned further away from God. Then one day as I was driving I decided to just end my life and drove toward oncoming traffic where a passenger bus hit me. The crash wrecked my car but I walked out unharmed. The Lord miraculously saved me again.

However, the drug addiction did not stop until one day while I was driving to get more cocaine, I cried out to the Lord. From the deepest part of me,  I cried out to him for help because I was tired of all the trying and striving.

Somehow, for the first time that day, I had peace. I believe that God loves me and I know that He was going to save and help me. That was the beginning of the changes in my life. I never did drugs again and focused on building a relationship with God. I never turned back to my old habits. Now I can stand up in front of audiences and tell them that God never abandons His children no matter how far they’ve gone the dark path.