Alabama Momma Singing “How Great Thou Art” In An Empty Silo, Awesome Acoustics and Talent!


Worshiping God could be anywhere and in any form. He gave us different special talents in order for us to use in praising Him. The Bible tells us that we need to praise God’s name all throughout the world and in every world He rules. Sing His praise among the nations that people would know Him too.

Jenny Mann is a mom and a part-time bus driver in Alabama. She is blessed with a gift of singing that she practices in order to praise God. Singing to God is one way of showing gratitude to what he has bestowed on us. Paying Him back by serving Him makes Him happy. Jenny had an idea of singing inside an empty silo because she loved the acoustics. It is a very unique way of singing that made her famous on the internet. She claimed that singing inside an empty bin gives her the feeling God’s presence during her performance. She chose the song How Great Thou Art and it was awesome!

Click Play and watch the video below to hear this Alabama Momma’s incredible voice and be inspired! Sing for the Lord and worship Him anywhere as the angels in heaven rejoice.