Amazing Faith Experience: He Was A Heroin Addict And Knew Nothing About God, But He Was Changed By A Dream.


I was a heroin addict from the age of 15 to 35years old, I wasn’t brought up in a Christian home, nor wasn’t a Christian.

In February 2013 I had a nightmare that changed the course of my life. I heard Satan calling my name and I knew I was going to die, I was terrified, I started cowering on the floor and screaming “Jesus Christ help me”. Then I heard the voice of God audibly say “Yvonne, this is your last chance”. I woke up in my bed and instantly knew I had heard Satan calling my name and God speaking to me. I knew I should have died and I was going to hell.

I knew nothing about God or the Christian faith. Later that day I googled ‘how to say sorry to God’ and I read off salvation prayers and fell apart in repentance.

I did a six- week detox from heroin and methadone and had demonic attack nightmares consistently for 9 months. Then I was baptized and spoke in the tongue. I’ve been almost 6 years clean and with Jesus, he saved my life and saved my soul.