17-Month-Old Girl Survives Fatal Chest Wound From Texas Shooting


The world reeled in shock at another tragedy after a gunman fired an assault rifle at random people in Odessa, Texas on Aug. 31. Lives were lost while other victims succumbed to injuries. Anderson Davis was the youngest of the victims who by God’s saving grace survived what would have been a fatal chest wound.

The 17-month-old girl was strapped with her twin brother in car seats attached to the family’s SUV when the attack happened. They were on their way to the grocery store with their parents Kelby and Garret when a gunshot hit their SUV from the rear.

According to Kelby, a shrapnel went through the toddler’s right chest and she also sustained injuries on her tongue and bottom lip. She was covered in blood that you couldn’t even see her face.  The parents cried for help while Garret called 911.

Anderson would probably have succumbed to her injuries had rescue arrived late. Thankfully, off-duty paramedics rushed to help and they immediately air-flighted Anderson to a Lubbock hospital for surgery.

“Angels are everywhere. Some men were at my window and they’re saying, ‘Kelby it’s me, Kelby it’s me,’” Kelby told CBS 7 and pointed out that the paramedics were the same men they met during a recent trip to an Odessa fire station.

“Paramedics and all the first responders, their training is just absolutely amazing and they are truly the calm in the midst of the storm,” Garret added.

Anderson sprang back to her lively self after surgery as if nothing happened. The toddler does not even realize that she went through such a traumatic experience.

The parents are thankful that their daughter is back home with them now and at the same time their heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones during the shooting. It’s the family’s Christian faith and their love for Odessa that help them through the harrowing experience.

The community has also shown their love and support for victims of the attack and by creating a GoFundMe page and a family friend of the Davis’ also created one for Anderson.

Despite the trauma, the Davis family don’t blame God for the tragedy. They believe that “God does not cause tragedies like this.” Instead, He “is going to walk” through it all with the victims, survivors, and their families.