Angels Lifted Me Out Of Tribulation And Into The Skies To See Jesus


I’m here to share with you my dream about the rapture. It started with me standing in the middle of a stadium but it was indoor and I was sitting with my mom and we were up in the upstair seats and when we looked down a part of the field was grass. But a swimming pool occupies most of the space.

There was an event going on but we didn’t know what it was. When we looked in front of us, it was just windows everywhere. The whole wall was made of windows and I could see that it was dark outside and there were so many stars.

Then I started feeling scared about the tribulation so I told my mom. If you’ve read the Bible then you’d know that the tribulation is the worst time to be on the planet. So as I was telling my mom my fears, a commotion starts to happen behind us. Then we see this big window without glass and we see people running and screaming in the hallway. They were stealing things from each other, pulling out knives and guns and were stabbing and shooting each other. The same was happening down below us and all I see was chaos.

Then I started saying Jesus’ name over and over and calling out to him. But my mom was just calm and smiling and when I looked up at the ceiling two strong arms grabbed and pulled me out of my seat and out of the ceiling.

I was in the sky surrounded with angels who look like your typical angel with wings but they were covered with these ember light that’s pretty and soothing. Then I was flying in the sky with an angel and I hate heights and rides that go fast. But surprisingly I didn’t feel afraid or sick to my stomach. I just felt really happy. Then the angel took me to this building where I was welcomed by other angels who said they were happy to see me there. Then I asked where Jesus was and I looked over for him and I saw this shadow of a man reflect on the pool. I instantly knew it was him but then the shadow moved away so I took off running after it. Then I woke up. I want to share that dream with you guys as a reminder that Jesus is coming, that the rapture is real and it will happen and that Jesus is not going to leave us to suffer in the tribulation.