Anthem Lights Delighted Fans Through Harmonious Singing “Yes I Will” Vertical Worship Cover


Harmonious singing is such sweet music to an ear especially if you’re singing praises to God. Your singing ability is a special talent that God gave you and all you need to do is lift up your voices to Him. You might have read a lot of stories about people with great talents that changed their life situation because they used it wisely and in favor of the Lord. While on the other hand, there are people who lost their chance to have a better career in the music industry because of bad influences.

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group that started in Nashville, Tennessee. The group is consist of 4 male artists who were born with a sweet charming voice. They have released several alba loved by their fans and they are overwhelmed with the support that they received from their supporters.

Now Anthem Lights is back with an astounding performance singing “Yes I Will” which is one of the covers of Vertical Worship. Say yes to Jesus for He alone can answer all your problems. Say yes in lifting up His name that people may know Him. Say yes in singing praises to Him that His name may be glorified. Offer your life to Jesus and start witnessing amazing things in your life. Jesus is the rock that no one could ever destroy. Build a strong foundation of your faith that even the enemy can’t do anything to ruin it.

Yes I Will | Anthem Lights
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