Atheists Witness That “I Died and I Saw Jesus Christ “

“For myself I will not make this video, but for God I am here today! What I am saying is 100% from my heart and 100% percent true, I see the Jesus Christ!”

I’m here to testify that you will never know what love and peace is until you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior. Lord, I pray that this testimony will help save others who are lost, b/c I was lost and now I’m found. Thank you Jesus!! Amen!!

May more and more people can see this video and be saved by our savior Jesus Christ!

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  1. I remember a few years ago I was only a new believer in Christ I had a dream of myself standing in a pure gold temple.i was standing there just soaking it in of what I was looking at. Then I saw these pure golden stairs and as I walk over to it I saw a man dress in a pure white robe sitting up top his face was covered by a bright I walk up to him I fell at his knees and wept and all I remember was his hands touch my shoulder and he said I Love You My Child.Thats when dream ended.

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