Atheists Witness That “I Died and I Saw Jesus Christ “

“For myself I will not make this video, but for God I am here today! What I am saying is 100% from my heart and 100% percent true, I see the Jesus Christ!”

I’m here to testify that you will never know what love and peace is until you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior. Lord, I pray that this testimony will help save others who are lost, b/c I was lost and now I’m found. Thank you Jesus!! Amen!!

May more and more people can see this video and be saved by our savior Jesus Christ!

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    • Tony let me explain something to you and I’m not trying to be nasty or anything God is after the non-believers just say you have two kids and one of them don’t give you a problem at all they doing just good everything you expect them to do but the other one he’s giving you so many problems you’re afraid for which way he going to go and how he’s going to turn out so therefore you pay more attention to him then do the good one because u don’t have to worry about the good one he going to do just what you want him to do as you being his father you going to work harder trying to get the other child to don’t right so that’s how God works he don’t want to lose not not one of his kids to the devil so what you would say is you don’t want to lose one of your kids to society that’s how God works that’s why you have ministers disciples and they trying to reach the none believers

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