Avril Lavigne “Head Above Waters” Sing Her Lyme disease Pain But Faithful On God’s healing


Every battle that we face with God is a victory. The power of God is unlimited to His children. We sometimes think that worrying helps solve our problem but if you come to think of it, it doesn’t even lessen the weight of our problems. Trusting God is the best way to solve any of our worries. Free your mind from anything that stresses you out because God is working in His own miraculous way.

Avril Lavigne was diagnosed to have Lyme disease and has suffered different symptoms along the way. Despite of many conspiracies about her whereabouts and condition, she wrote a song that talks about the pain brought by her current situation. It was entitled Head Above Waters where the lyrics of the song talks about her drowning and suffering and in her dying condition the only option that she got is to ask God’s help. She’s ready to face God in the altar as an indication that she is not afraid to die for God is with her. This song talks about her faith and that trusting God is the best decision she ever made in life. Along with her new worship song, the official music video was already released and it was a job well done!

Watch the video below and be amazed at Head Above Water’s stunning production! Feel the presence of God in distress and declare a victorious battle!