Baby Boy Born Blind And Can’t Walk Amazed People With Incredible Talent


You’re lucky if you’re born healthy and with complete physical features. God sees everyone in a perfect form and treats us as equal individuals. You may be born with physical disabilities but for sure, there is something within you that is special compared to other people. We were made perfect through God’s image and what we are right now is part of His great masterpiece.

Patrick Hughes was born without eyes and he is not able to stretch his arms and limbs. Because of this, he had a hard time moving and living a normal life. His father dreamed of having a lot of father and son adventures before Patrick came out of the world and he did not imagine that the whole situation would be different. When Patrick was bought artificial eyes, he started playing the piano. His mom would play and teach him the sound of the keys and he immediately adapts it. Playing the piano was the only bonding he had together with his dad.

Patrick played at the school and he also shows what he got in public performances. People were amazed by this little boy because despite his disability, he was born loaded with unique gifts and talents. He rides his wheelchair but instead of treating him as a person with a disability, people looked at him as a lucky individual loaded with a lot of abilities. Whatever your condition is, always remember that you are one of the precious puzzles of God’s masterpiece. Thank Him for your life and accept Jesus in your heart.

This Baby Was Born Without Eyes-But When Dad Gives Him A Piano? WOW!!
This Baby Was Born Without Eyes-But When Dad Gives Him A Piano? WOW!! This is an amazing story! Watching it put tears in my eyes. We complain about so much. When we see people like this boy it makes us feel remorseful then you have to repent and praise God for His goodness to all of us.