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Being Compared In the Music Industry Made Tori Kelly Feel Inferior, It’s God Who Dragged Her From The ‘Mud’

The feeling of being inferior to some other people greatly affects our hope of reaching our dreams in life. We may sometimes think that we were born unlucky because there are some people who made us feel that way. Being inferior doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it and it doesn’t follow that you will remain people to look at you the way it is. This should be treated as a humble act with an optimistic point of view of trying to be better.

We may experience scenarios in life that other people will let us feel worthless. You need to bear in mind that God created all human being equals and it follows that each one of us has unique talents to showcase and attributes that needs to be nurtured in order for it to blossom in God’s perfect time.

Tori Kelly is an American singer and songwriter who also gave a shot in the American Idol. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and she was eliminated along in her journey. This made her feel sad and broke her heart thinking that she will never be like those people who are apprised in the music industry, the career that she had chosen. Tori shared her life journey when she started at an early age of 12. She received a lot of harsh words from different people as they try to compare her to some other artists. She always receives the same comments from critiques that her way of singing is boring and that they are looking for artists who have a jolly personality, someone that the crowd would truly like.

Tori had a lot of rejections over and over again but instead of feeling down, later she realized God’s promise of giving her a better future and that God has prepared His plan for Tori’s journey. She always trusts God’s plan because of the firm foundation of her faith and she believes that she would never go wrong with God by her side. Tori started to write her own music and posted her videos online and to her surprise, she is already sharing God’s message to people through her songs. God used her talent as an instrument for people to know His gospel.

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