Billy Graham’s Last Message to America & the World…Listen Carefully

    “let those who have spiritual ears to hear: HEAR what the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of THE LORD Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to the seven churches…”

    A Vital Message from the heart of Billy Graham near the very end of his life. Spoken on his birthday, aged 95 years.


    1. I have seen some many people are critical about Rev. Billy Graham.
      I can’t agree with their unreasonable comments.
      Rev. Billy Graham was a true messenger of Jesus Christ. The proof is that so many people have trusted in the truths of the Gospel on account of his preaching.

    2. Wow Rick Lemon. . I’ve known Billy Graham since I was a child. The only one who speaks lies is u. And u speak lies that only satan would promote. One day u I’ll stand before the one u claim doesn’t exist. U will then realize how wrong u were/are and will have eternity to realize it. I pray u haven’t passed so u can change ur final answer before it’s too late.

    3. Great man of God thank God for you for what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve done around the world many lives you touched for God’s glory and God’s kingdom and still minastrin until this year to God be the glory for your life many more years to you mr. Graham great man of God you are to God be the glory again for your life and what you accomplished amen and amen