Billy Graham’s Last Message to America & the World…Listen Carefully

“let those who have spiritual ears to hear: HEAR what the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of THE LORD Yeshua, the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to the seven churches…”

A Vital Message from the heart of Billy Graham near the very end of his life. Spoken on his birthday, aged 95 years.

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  1. Beautiful!! I can remember when I was a little girl my mom took my sister and Brother and myself to go see Billy Graham!! I thought that was the most coolest thing ever!! Every since Than I was always so interested in him!! I know he will one day be in heaven!! He has earned his wings! He will always be a heaven sent!!!

  2. I thank God for this man….he dedicated his life to simply yet most importantly share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ …..John 3:16….John 1:1 I thank God for Him
    I don’t recall in the bible anything about being perfect….David was a man after God’s own heart…it was only overtime as I became a little more seasoned that I understood that….i hope someone qualified to respectfully answered your questions do just that and that God get the Glory….

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