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Ken Simmons

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Christian author residing in Ontario, California.

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I was the founder/director of Youth Challenge in Lakeland, FL during the late 1960’s and 1970’s. My first book was my autobiography, The Prodigal Diaries, details those years, up to and including the present. It is my life story. And, it is a book full of (true) miracles. It includes incidents when heroin addicts were saved and instantly healed with no withdrawals, and it describes episodes when I took my team of former addicts and drug pushers into dozens of schools throughout central Florida with amazing (miraculous) results.

It also recounts another series of events when my team went to rock concerts at Lowery Park near Tampa, FL.  This was a scene of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, and marijuana and heroin use were done in open sight. After weeks of leading people to Christ, and baptizing hundreds in the nearby Hillsborough River, and telling the young people at the concert that “Jesus is real”, a leader of one band took the microphone in one hand, and with the other he began to shake his fist and curse God, screaming “If Jesus is so real give us a sign — if Jesus is so real make him stop this rain” and immediately he was answered with a bolt of lightning and a ball of fire as the shocked crowd of thousands looked on.

My 2nd book, Jeane Rose, the Face of Courage, will be released in the Fall of 2018.  It is a story that was inspired by true events, beginning with a home invasion in which a young woman was abducted, beaten, sexually assaulted, and thrown off a bridge into the middle of Tampa Bay at night. What began as a tragic and frightening ordeal eventually turned into one of redemption, inspiration, and the power of forgiveness.  One young woman who I asked to read the manuscript said: “it’s a whole box of Kleenex good.”

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