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“Speak up” Terry Crews Says to Victims of Domestic Violence

“Hopelessness” was the one word that Terry Crews knew in his early life until he found success with his hard work and persistence. Terry Crews recalled that he often woke up to glass breaking, disturbing noises and people screaming in the middle of the night throughout his childhood. He saw his father hitting his mother […] More

“The Singing Nurse” Comforts Patients’ Troubled Hearts

When you care about what others are going through, you will try to comfort them. Sometimes you want to use a special way of telling them that you care and you love. At a hospital in Santa Clarita, California, “the singing nurse” has found an intriguing way to show empathy to his patients. His name […] More

106-year-old Woman Reveals Secret to Living a Long Life

A woman just turned 106 years old in Halifax County. As a tribute and celebration, the North Carolina House of Representatives gave her a certificate of special recognition. After all, reaching an age beyond 70 is an honor and a miracle. Her name is Ruth Hilliard and she was born on June 5, 1913⁠—the same […] More

Surgeon Encourages Putting Name on Cap, Revolutionizes Practice of Saving Lives

  Initiatives can ripple out to significant changes and can eventually spark up a revolution, most especially in the medical field. Rob, an anesthetist, has found a minute detail that innovated healthcare in terms of surgical practice. The brilliant idea—inscribing name and job title on scrub caps to avoid inaccuracies while performing surgeries. Who would […] More

Doctors Can’t Explain Why Her Inoperable Brain Tumor Is Cured

Indeed miracles happen in our lives in an unexpected way. Life is full of surprises and nobody holds our future other than God. The stronger your faith is, the more our prayers will be answered. In the Old Testament of the Bible, God has shown numerous miracles wherein people were amazed and a lot of […] More