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Zach Williams Sings Hope for Inmates: Jesus Rescues You From Sins

Dove and Grammy Awardee Zach Williams visited the Harding Prison in Nashville, TN together with his band. The mission of the project is to share the Gospel through music so that people can have hope again for their lives. As Williams and the audience worshipped the Lord with one voice, the Holy Spirit came down […] More

Grammy Winner Tori Kelly Counts Everything as Loss But Knowing Jesus

Two-time Grammy Award winner Tori Kelly rose to fame when she was only a teenager. She signed her first deal with a record label at the age of 12. Being a child prodigy was a mixed blessing to her. While Kelly enjoyed success and public attention, she was also subjected to comparison and criticism like […] More

Ten Scientific Facts Discovered in the Bible

Science and the Bible always seem to be on the contrary. For example, how the earth was formed based on science is very different from what the Bible tells us. Has the first life begun after the Big Bang? Was it God who created the universe and all creatures? However, there are things that both […] More

God Sent Guardian Angel to Save a 8-Month-Old Baby From a Burning Car

On a narrow stretch of highway in Namibia, Tulonga Neputa was traveling by minibus with colleagues from work. Suddenly, the trip was interrupted when the driver slowed to a stop. Ahead, laid the remains of two destroyed vehicles. As Neputa made her way toward the accident scene, she saw the baby lying amongst the wreckage. […] More

“Speak up” Terry Crews Says to Victims of Domestic Violence

“Hopelessness” was the one word that Terry Crews knew in his early life until he found success with his hard work and persistence. Terry Crews recalled that he often woke up to glass breaking, disturbing noises and people screaming in the middle of the night throughout his childhood. He saw his father hitting his mother […] More