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active 13 hours, 40 minutes ago

Video Shows How Great God’s Love Is, We Are Not Alone!

There comes a time that we feel desperate and we are thinking that we are being left behind. We have friends that surround us but every time we’re not with them, we feel lonely. We may have family that provides everything that we need but then there comes a time that we are being separated […] More

Daughter Asked Money From Dad, What She Did Left Father In Tears

The world is so focused on the material things that people need every single day. We spend a lot of hours at works in order to earn for a living without knowing that there are more important things in life that we neglect. Those things that we missed can sometimes be more important than anything […] More

Funny Cartoon Video Teaches Us Wonderful Lesson Not To Judge Quickly

Most of the time we judge other people too quickly before even trying to know them first. We judge them according to how they appear before us or what other people say about them. Often times we are being deceived of what we see on the physical attributes. The more you judge people, the lesser […] More