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Dr. Jerry F. Smith has spent most of his adult life helping people develop to higher potentials. He began to shine during his military career where he became an instructor then a correctional custody supervisor where he worked with wayward military members to restore them to service. After his ten-year career in the US Air Force, he became a fitness instructor in his own fitness center. After several years of helping people develop higher levels of fitness, he was led to become an English as a second language (ESL) teacher and IELTS Speaking trainer in both traditional and online environments who has helped hundreds of university students, adults, business professionals, and career professionals develop their ability to use the English language to higher degrees.

In natural course, Jerry became an ESL teacher trainer, and eventually a TESOL certificate instructor where he has helped hundreds of ESL teachers develop their teaching and language skills to higher levels. He eventually began to create ESL teaching materials, consult on ESL teacher-training programs, became a guest speaker in universities and schools, and has written peer-reviewed professional papers on the subjects of ESL and TESOL further helping to develop these fields. For nearly four years Jerry was a personnel manager in an online ESL teaching company where he managed 70 teachers and sought their development not only as teachers but as employees and leaders, and counseled them from work issues to life issues. He is currently fulfilling his desire to help people develop their potentials as an adjunct professor of English composition in an accredited online Christian university.

Later in life, having an open door to Christian ministry, Dr. Smith became an ordained minister and began a house church while simultaneously conducting evangelistic creation-education seminars in universities, churches, and other organizations. Later, he realized his calling was to serve in the Philippines as a bi-vocational, visiting, pastor-teacher in churches where training and development of church members in biblical studies and training pastors were welcomed.

In due course, Dr. Smith began writing articles and devotions, and has authored several non-fiction Christian books covering topics within the church and involving expository Bible teaching with the deep desire to see fellow Christians develop beyond where they are to where they could be in their Christian lives. He was also a volunteer writer for a popular Bible answers website in the area of practical theology. Finally, Dr. Smith completed life coach certificate training, and completed education and training as a non-profit biblical counselor with the sincere desire to help people develop from where they are to where they could be.

Over the span of his adult life, Dr. Smith has reached various educational attainments including post-graduate studies in theology, ministry, and Christian education; graduate studies in biblical counseling, theological studies, business, and teaching English; and undergraduate degrees in divinity and occupational education.

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