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active 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Confirmed by Scientists: Babysitting Your Grandkids Improves Your Life Expectancy!

What is the essence of life for the elderly? Can babysitting give grandparents fulfillment? This seems to be true as a new report from parenting specialist of Cleveland clinic reveals that babysitting may increase the lifespan of grandparents by 20 years. The study shows that grannies who hang out with their grandkids have improved stamina […] More

Ride On King Jesus – Awesome Youth choir!

A mesmerizing performance! This choir gives a marvelous blend of voices. The 4 voice types opened up the song on a sweet soprano note then goes through the song with a perfect balance of the 4 voices. The accents and tempos have a very ringing cadence of melodiousness giving meaning and power to the song. […] More

God Saved Me From Suicide – A Powerful Testimony!

Have you ever wondered why you got born?. All of us have actually asked that question. Many of us have found an answer and many still are wandering around aimless and in pain because a part of them is missing. They are missing that reason for waking up every day. So, they try to excel […] More

St. Bernard Pup Adopts 95 Years Old Widow – “Lonely No More!”

Brody, a St. Bernard pup came to live in the Mount Vernon, Washington neighborhood. He was the neighbor of Miss Sally a widow of 30 years and had been living alone since. In the first week of being in the neighborhood, this pup immediately found its way to Sally’s doorstep and befriended Sally. Brody, instantly […] More