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active 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Miracles-in-the-Making: Baby Bun Kaleb Continues to Inspire Faith in God

Around four years ago, the video of Dana Griffin-Graves’ announcement of her pregnancy to her husband Arkell went viral in social media.  The couple had been trying to have a child for 17-years with zero results.  Dana managed to conceive once but the baby was stillborn upon delivery.  Added to this, she suffered four miscarriages. […] More

Gay Man Changed By God, Ends-up Married With Three Daughters

Brian Wheelock considers his conversion from being gay to a straight man a miracle.   According to LifeSiteNews, Wheelock “fully immersed in the homosexual lifestyle of pornography, lust, and self-gratification. “ During his testimony at the Second Annual ‘Freedom March in Washington, he said that he felt empty and tethered towards depressions. He felt restless […] More

Her Voice is Wonderful and Powerful to Heal and Strengthen Others

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” — Song of Songs 4 My name is Sarah Jamieson. As you may have noticed, I am a singer/songwriter. I love music because it has the remarkable power to speak when words cannot. My dream is to heal and strengthen others with my music. […] More

When You’re in Depression, This Is The Only Way to Be Saved

In June of 1995, I was struck with depression because God allowed me to experience it to be a testimony for many others. God knew me and also knew I would not want to be depressed if see anyone go through it. As weeks passed, my strength was weakened and I had no appetite. I lost 30 […] More

Why We Need Jesus,Her Story Shows The Wonderful Reason

2013-2015 I found myself on the streets with a gentleman I had been with a few years. I found myself going through round 2 with a drug addiction. And was watching his alcoholism get worse. I began turning my life back to Christ, reading my Bible, and attending church. I was awakened one day in […] More