Bullied 13-Year-Old Hangs Herself; Bullies Post Meme About Her Death To Social Media

Bullying continues after teen girl hangs herself

A Riverside County family is in mourning after their 13-year-old daughter hanged herself following what they say was years of bullying. MORE: http://www.foxla.com/news/local-news/bullying-continues-after-teen-girl-hangs-herself

A Riverside County family is in mourning after their 13-year-old daughter hanged herself following  what they say was years of bullying. We are so sorry for this…These kind of issue is not right, which is evil, cause people live in sinful world and live without God…May the little girl rest in peace, and all the people can come to God…

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  1. Our world is not evil , Jesus’s blood fell on the ground , so get it right ok , people’s choices make bad or good IN THIS WORLD , Jesus’s blood cleaned everything and on this earth. That’s why it say , “” that will be done in earth us it is in heaven “”” yes , so sad about bondage to evil and heart breaking things , but please don’t blame this on our earth that Jesus and father gave to us .

  2. This is unnecessary to allow these bullies to cause a child to kill themselves and those responsible should be made to pay for this girls death and others who have felt there was no other answer . I blame the parents for not being parents and letting their kids get by with anything they want ! If this was my child I would have not only those bullies arrested but also the parents , then those neglectful parents will start paying more attention and demanding respect from their kids . This kind of thing never happened in the years past until the parents stop raising their children and left them to raise themselves ! THERE needs to be a nation wide law that these parents are held responsible for the crimes their kids commit and go to prison !

    • Kids don’t respect ✊ anyone these days. I tried my best to instill respect in my stepson but to this day he respects no one ☝️. He is 25 and he gets in his mothers face and calls her filthy names and threatens her. No matter how I may have felt about my mother. I would never disrespect her that way.

    • Same here , I never disrespected my mother either ! I knew better to misbehave bc I knew she did the best she could for me and my sister . I stood by her until she passed away last year at 98 and even bought a home so she would not go to a nursing home . GOD TELLS US TO HONOR OUR MOTHER AND FATHER AND IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE NOT OBEYING HIS LAWS .

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