Bus Driver Helped Elderly Blind Man Reach Home, His Kindness Inspired Readers


Being kind to others is something that reflects you as an individual. Jesus showed compassion when He healed the sick and helped a lot of people through His good deeds. Being compassionate could be a hard thing to others as you need to spend time and effort doing so. But being known to be a kind-hearted person would certainly change the whole world’s perception. We have known a lot of people who have good intentions in helping others but this story that you are about to read is one of a kind.

Gene Hubbard is an elderly man who suffers from blindness 20 years ago since he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was already used to monitor his blood sugar level every single day as well as administering insulin all by himself. He knew that he needs to take good care of his body due to his condition and in order for it not to become even worst. Despite being blind, Gene still continues to work and travel alone through public transportation. He already memorizes his route since this is what he does every day. But when the changes in construction started, Gene was confused and he now got into a problem on how he would reach home.

God doesn’t leave His children and because of God’s grace, He sent His angel to watch over Gene. A bus driver saw Gene being lost and he was so kind-hearted to offer the old man a helping hand. He left his bus in a bit and walked with Gene along the road until they reach home. This bus driver seems to be compassionate and he did not ask for anything in return of his help. Seeing somebody who is generous enough to help somebody in need is truly heart melting. It only shows that despite the world’s chaos situation, there are still good people who are willing to offer help. Watch the video below and be amazed at this bus driver’s good heart. Be inspired and start helping somebody who is in need because there is no greater feeling than seeing somebody happy because of your simple act.

Bus Driver Walks Blind Passenger Across the Street
A bus driver’s job wasn’t finished until his passenger safely made it to the sidewalk. That required Thad Turner to get out from behind the wheel to walk the man across the street. Surveillance cameras from the Milwaukee County Transit System bus caught Turner’s act of kindness.