Bush Fire Survivor Turia Pitt Is An Inspiration On Self-Confidence


Life always doesn’t go our way. We experience hurdles and tragedies that may either break us or make us. For former model Turia Pitt, having 64 percent of her body burned by a bush fire did not stop her from being the woman that she is today– an inspiration for many.

In 2011, Turia was in an ultra marathon in Australia when she got trapped in a bush fire. The doctors thought she would not survive. However, she defied the odds and endured the years-long process of healing. She had to wear a protective mask on her face for two years. She had endured 200 operations.

All the while, her boyfriend Michael Hoskin never left her side, Turia told ABC News (Australia). He even quit his job as a policeman to take care of her. Turia does not look the way she was before with her burnt skin. But Michael’s love prevailed and he even proposed to her in 2015 during a vacation in the Maldives. He always tells her she is beautiful.

Since the accident, Turia always tells people that she does not want their pity. She just wants to go on with her life. She still loves to go running, hiking, go out for a surf, or do athletic or outdoor activities. She is not ashamed of how she looks and she wants others who have gone the same path as hers to feel the same. The burns may have destroyed her skin physically, but internally she remains a strong and motivated woman.


Thus, fast forward today, she and her husband Michael are the proud parents to 2-year-old son Hakavai.

She has also written several books about her experience and to raise awareness about how beauty is only superficial. What matters is what’s inside a person’s heart.

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For her, having to survive despite the critical nature of her burns was a God-given miracle. Also, she is grateful to have Michael by her side throughout her journey toward healing and to share her future with.

Today, they are a family of three. But they will soon be a family of four as Turia is pregnant with her second child. She announced the exciting news on Instagram. Now Turia also runs “School of Champions,” an online mindset coaching program that helps people achieve their goals or the things that matter to them.

Turia Pitt was burned alive during an ultra-marathon | 60 Minutes Australia

In 2011, Turia Pitt suffered horrific burns when a bushfire trapped her and other competitors during an ultra marathon across the Kimberley region. She’s undergone 16 gruelling operations and her boyfriend Michael has been with her all the way.