Can You Lose Salvation? Once Saved, Always Saved?

Can Christians lose salvation? Or is it “Once you’re saved, you’re always saved”? Does repeated sinning cause a believer to fall away from GRACE? This is a VERY important topic. Enjoy this cinematic answer! Also, this video examines how Moses is a prophetic parallel or ‘type’ of Jesus!

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  1. Someone has the faith in Lord but the Lord taught of lovings and being good and nice. So it is exploiting Lord if someone abuse their faith and Lord’s name before His purpose. It is illegal for somebody who keeps making sins and dishonour His glory because through His love we would received the salvation.

  2. Jesus died on the cross for all our sins, past, present, and future. It doesn’t mean you can go on living your life in sin, but we as Christians all backslide and we need to repent on a daily basis.

    With preachers preaching that if you die in sin and will go to hell, then we’d all be going to hell, there is no way to live sin-free daily, by the minute, hour, etc. God wants us to be on guard at all times, but not to live in fear that if we die and we haven’t repented for a sin that took place a minute before that we are going to hell. Christ’s blood covers us for all sins.

    • This is a difficult subject.. You have the New Testament saying whoever believes in me has passed from death to life and shall not come into condemnation.. Words of Christ.. We all fall short of the glory of God.. Now the ? in my mind would be have they really been saved and believe ok I can just go on sinning? When a person is truly born again a transformation takes place, the believers desire is not to sin, but to please God.. Salvation though is a gift from God, and Gods gifts cannot be revoked.. But if a person chooses to willfully sin, I believe Paul has told us what would happen 1 Cor 5:5 tells us one who chooses to willfully sin will be turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh.. I dont believe a true born again believer would want this to happen to them.. You are sealed until the day of redemption.. Yet should always be on guard for Satan roams around as a lion seeking who he may devour.. Christ came to set us free from sin, what a horrid testimony when that believer stands before God.. If a person has chosen to live for Satan, they do not have eyes to see..

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