Cardinals’ Paul Goldschmidt Shares How Turner Ward Helped Him Open His Heart To Jesus

Success in life is secondary to having a close relationship with God because, without Him, we would be nothing. God makes all things possible including our achievements, family, and friends and it was through knowing God that athlete Paul Goldschmidt got what he wanted and that’s to be a better player.

Baseball and becoming number one in Major League Baseball were Goldschmidt’s priorities and he put his family and faith in the backseat. When he achieved his dreams, he became determined to keep it even if it meant sacrificing his time with family and forgetting about Christ.

However, it wasn’t until he asked his hitting coach, Turner Ward, for help on how to be the best at his sport when he realized that he had been prioritizing the wrong things. When he asked, “how can I be better,” he received a surprising reply.

“First of all, you gotta grow in your relationship with Christ. Second of all, you’ve got to be a better husband, and third of all, you’ve gotta be a better player,” Ward told Goldschmidt.

Ward’s reply had the first baseman for St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball thinking about his relationship with God. It was through Ward’s guidance that Goldschmidt started reading the Bible and he remembered how the Book of Proverbs opened his eyes to the truth about God and the Gospel.

“Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s so much truth in those sayings and proverbs. That’s probably the first time my mind was open too, where the Bible says isn’t a lie. Having my mind logically read it, and study it, and see what that means. Have it not contradict itself…I think that’s where my story of knowing Jesus starts,” Goldschmidt told I Am Second.

The more he read the Book of Proverbs the more he wanted to learn more about the teachings in the scriptures. Ward testified how the 32-year-old Goldschmidt learned how to surrender his life to Christ. He admitted that he is not perfect and that he needs God in his life. So that’s where he is at now, putting God first his family second and his career last.

Paul Goldschmidt – I Am Second – White Chair Film

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