Couple Saved From A Burning Car By Prayers and An Angel


Dann Stadler and his wife Tracey vividly remembers the night of their wedding anniversary. What was supposed to be a merry event turned into a disaster when the car they were in collided with another vehicle that the drunk driver was going in the wrong direction.

Dann remembered trying to save Tracey who was trapped inside the burning car. But in the act, he found himself fighting for his life against the flames that have engulfed his body. Tracey, on the other hand, could feel her life slipping away as smoke filled her lungs and her skin slowly burning away.

“The whole entire car was filled with smoke. I could smell the burning leather. I could smell the burning flesh. I knew that I was going to start on fire very soon because I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my lungs burning,” Tracy told The 700 Club.

Motorists arrived on the scene and they quickly got into action to help the couple. Some prayed fervently while others managed to break the window, rescue Dan who was by this time burning on his face, arms, and legs. They rolled him in the grass to put out the fire.

Meanwhile, Tracey turned to prayers. She prayed for forgiveness of her sins and to be spared from death. Then, as if in answer to her prayer, she looked up and saw a “person in angelic form” who just lifted her up and pulled her away from the crash site. At this point, Tracey knew that she had left her body and the further they got away she remembered the more peace she felt.

“And the love? The love can’t be explained; we’re too finite in our words. It can’t be explained in human terms. The love, like you are going home,” adding that she felt no pain and regret, only anticipation. She felt like she was in the arms of God.

There in heaven, she met her grandmother who died when she was a little girl. She was about to run and join her when she remembered that she had to go back and take care of nine-month-old daughter Megan. When she came back to her body, she felt the pain. At the same time, a man walked out of the woods and to the car

Dann remembered there was a “glow about him” and he recalled seeing a man who was praying ceaselessly for Tracey’s rescue. The man fell down to his knees just as the angel came upon the scene “because he felt the healing power of Jesus Christ so intensely that it just overpowered and overwhelmed him.”

“One of the rescuers was able to free Tracey, and that’s when he said she was just as light as a feather. She just essentially popped out right in his hands. As the angel was there he bent over her, and he put his hands over her face,” Dann said.

The couple believed that they were rescued by an angel that night and they shared the miracle of their survival in their book “Angels in the Fire.” Dann and Tracey believed that God was with them that night and now they believe, more than ever, that He will always be with them through everything.