Couple with Down syndrome celebrate 25 years married!


This couple with Down Syndrome proves the world that disapprovals of their relationship wrong! Just recently, this lovely couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows. See How Their Marriage Last Despite the Criticisms.

Kris Scharoun and Paul DeForge, with their condition, were often told that they couldn’t have a relationship, or at least they shouldn’t enter one. Love is not for people with this condition, a common misconception for those who have Down Syndrome. But contrary to popular belief, they proved that these people are not just capable of loving, but they are capable of loving unconditionally.

Three decades ago, Kris instantly fell in love with Paul the moments she saw him for the first. They eventually became a couple, but many criticized the relationship that they have because of their condition. But nothing can stop them from loving each other.  With the support of Susan Scharoun, Kris’ sister, the couple planned for their wedding 25 years ago. Susan always believes that the love that this couple has for each other is unconditional. She always believes that what Kris and Paul have is true love.

Despite the criticisms, Kris and Paul finally got married on August 13, 1993, and after 25 years of marriage, they renewed their vow with each other. Their marriage lasts this long because they were unconditionally loving and supporting each other for the past years. Kris who is now 58 years old was the one who managed their activities and lifestyle while Paul who is now 54 years old was the one who provided emotional support for Kris.

Though both of them now have health issues, the love that they have for each other remains the same. Kris has type 1 diabetes and is also getting treatment for her pneumonia. While Paul, on the other hand, has dementia and was transferred to intensive care. Living away from each other was a challenge for both of them. But these challenges didn’t stop them from renewing their vows. Though held at the chapel the local hospital where Kris was getting her treatment for pneumonia, still nothing compared to the joy that this couple has as they once again declare their love for each other.

They are still going through a lot after being married for 25 years, however, this couple is surely an inspiration that we all deserve to love and be loved.