Customer Shares How McDonald’s Employee May Have Saved Her Life


A small act of kindness can mean a lot to others. Take for instance a McDonald’s cashier who went out of his way to cater to a customer’s needs with seconds left before closing time.

Renee Brandenburg from Florence USA shared how Corey, who works at McDonalds 42/Dixie HWY, may have saved her life one morning while she was heading home. After pulling an all-nighter at work, she decided to pull at the drive-thru to grab a cup of coffee to keep her awake on the road.

Unfortunately, it was 11:59 P.M. and the store was about to close. She had 45 seconds left to order. She decided against ordering thinking she would no longer be entertained. She had past experiences wherein the cashier would make excuses like the machine is down or simply not answer her even with 10 minutes left before closing.

But Corey was an exception. He made it a point to take her order and even waited on her to choose her coffee.

“He said ‘No Ma’am I’m here to help you with anything you want in the menu… what would you like?’ After going back and forth I gave him my Mocha Latte order. He was so very polite,” Brandenburg wrote on Facebook, adding that “Corey was pleasant and had EXCELLENT customer service skills!”

“I told him he probably saved my life allowing me to get that coffee… I jokingly laughed but was also serious. I was so tired. Thank You, Corey, for ending my long day with such kindness,” Brandenburg continued.

S️he promised to commend Corey to McDonald’s and to his local manager, which she did. In an updated post, Brandeburg revealed that Corey received a bonus check from the local McDonald’s store owner and McDonald’s said they will also be recognizing him.

Brandeburg admitted that she never expected her post to go viral that she received overwhelming responses. She said that she only gave Corey a shoutout to share how outstanding of a person he is, who spreads joy and happiness and who finds ways to make others feel special. Brandeburg said that we need more Coreys in this world and expressed how grateful she is because he helped her stay awake on the drive home and avoided a possible tragedy.