Dead Boy Returns From After life to Tell His Mom About Heaven

Eight-year-old Landon and his parents were driving home from church when their car was crushed in a car crash. Landon’s dad died at the scene, and so did Landon -twice. He was brought back to life and told his mother about his miraculous…London’s mom once did not understand why God did not send an angel in the tragedy, but finally she confessed that they are really protected and God has a plan for them.

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  1. Angel Olivencia, mmh Nicodimus he ask the question to Jesus how can a man be born again while he is still old and Jesus reply it’s true you can be born again by accepting Christ Jesus as the Lord and saviour as well as being baptized with water .
    So my Angel it’s really does make sense to those who are spiritual motivated and their level of faith is strong.

  2. Why would God let someone enter heaven and return back to this miserable earth. Their are many like I who convey the gospel to men. No added such record in the Bible. Moses never saw God because if you saw God you will instantly die from his glory.

    • That’s true you will die when you see God .
      But I can tell you now that boy it’s possible to go to heaven but it’s doesn’t mean you will see God but you see people who serve in Heavenly kingdom .
      He is not the first one who went there there are many even here South Africa there are .
      So people are you ready for the day the Lord Jesus come to take what’s his, be ready Jesus is coming .
      And the bible said the whole wild world will see him and his Glory .
      And Angel will sing Hosana to the lamb of God !!!
      Prepare yourself good people change your ways because the hour is near the hour is now .

    • Moses was an Old Testament believer. He was under the law. Jesus came to earth to show us the Father. We can go to heaven and see God but the has the right to send us back to let others know that heaven is real. There is such unbelief. Theology can’t always speak to the heart, but you cannot deny a person’s testimony. I belief God uses that to break through hardened hearts to help people know Him because He loves us so much.

    • University based studies are laughable when it comes to the supernatural. All the head knowledge in the world amounts to nothing in God’s kingdom. Phillip explain the writing from the Book of Isaiah to the Ethiopian eunuch, then was transported to another place. Do your books explain your unbelief? I’m not going to get into any long drawn out debate with anybody. Read the New Testament and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what doesn’t make sense knowledge.

    • Your funny so becoming a pastor is a waste of time. That means that you will get you prescribed lenses from a plumber. Schooling is unimportant. So let me remove or fill your cavties with epoxy glue. Same difference right. Give me a break.

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