Deaf Indian Girl Healed by Jesus, Then Beaten and Abandoned by Family


Saree, a 12-year-old girl from India, shared her heartache after her family beat her and worse, kicked her out of their house after she converted to Christianity. The little girl recalled the harrowing experience that began with how she got to know God.

The little girl said her aunt introduced her to Christianity when she was 11. She opened her eyes to the teachings in the Bible and to the joy of worship. It was her aunt, who is a devout Christian, who paved the way for her transition to Christianity.

Her aunt brought her to a church so she can be free of her deafness. Saree has struggled with it since early childhood and kids at school would bully her because of it. Visits to hospitals, to Hindu temples, and to people who practice witchcraft have not helped.

However, Saree’s aunt is convinced that her church can help. The girl recalled the things she saw when she first stepped inside the church – people singing praises that gave joy to her heart. She also saw the preacher teaching the Word of God.

Saree said she experienced a miracle after the congregation and the pastor prayed for her. She felt God’s presence and was so happy when she felt her deafness lifted.

However, her Hindu family refused to join in her happiness and in her newfound faith. They warned the girl to stop going to church for they fear that the villagers will shun them. Still, Saree attended mass in secret until her brother and father found out.

“He and my father beat me and dragged me into the house. One time, I was carrying a Bible. He took it, threw it into the mud and beat me with a stick. Later I collected the Bible, wiped it clean and gave it to another believer. He kept it safe for me,” Saree shared with persecution watchdog Open Doors USA.

The beatings continued every time Saree went to church. At one point, her family beat her badly and kicked her out of the house. Her mom brought her back home where she again suffered through the beatings every time her brother told her to “leave Jesus Christ.”

Despite the pain and suffering, Saree refused to abandon her Christian faith. Later, she fled her family to live with her aunt. Until now, she remains steadfast in her faith in God and in His promise that He will never forsake His children. Saree also finds happiness through fellowships with fellow Christians.