Dog Dancing While Grandma Sings Gave Happiness To Those Who Saw The Video, Went Viral On The Internet!


Everything that God created remains to have a purpose on why they were created. From the living things down to non-living things, everything has value and importance when it comes to the eyes of the Lord. The Holy Bible says in Genesis 1:21 – So God created the creatures of the sea and every little thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind, God saw it and it was good. Give importance to His creation because everything that you see around you has a purpose why they exist.

A funny video was seen all over the internet and suddenly became viral because of the joy that it brought to the people who have watched it. The setting was in the kitchen where a grandma sits on her wheelchair with her dog in front of her sitting too. Grandma started to clap her hands and she was singing an upbeat tone. The dog automatically danced the moment it heard grandma’s song. The dog seems to be very familiar with granny’s song and it looks like he has been doing it every time he hears this music.

Dogs are man’s best friend and they are one of the most loving pets that we usually have at home. Once that they have felt their master’s care for them, they tend to be very sweet in return. Dogs are part of God’s masterpiece and just like human being, we also need to give importance to them knowing that everything that God has created is special. Don’t miss out the play button below because you will surely enjoy seeing this dog dancing while grandma is singing his favorite song.

Amazing moment dog dances to grandma’s singing
Coco loves when this grandma sings him a song, and doesn’t miss the chance to dance to the beat. Looks like they’re having an amazing time!