Dolly Parton Says ‘God Only Knows’ Song by For King and Country a ‘Heaven-sent’


There are songs that touch our hearts when we hear or sing them because it has a profound meaning to our lives. These songs lift us up when we are sad or in despair. They give us courage, hope, and remind us that we are not alone in our worries and struggles.

One such song is “God Only Knows” by Australian-duo For King and Country which climbed the number one spot in the 2018 Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart. Its touching melody and lyrics resonated with Parton so much that she fell in love with it the moment she heard it. She says “God Only Knows” appealed to her because it tells of the struggles that people go through and how they overcome them with God’s grace.

So when For King and Country, comprised of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, reached out to Parton for collaboration, she didn’t hesitate and said yes. Parton tells ET Online that she “wanted to be a part of it because it just speaks to so many people out there that are having a hard time going through rough times.” She adds that “it’s a beautiful song” and one that people need in “this day and time.”

Parton calls “God Only Knows” “one of the best songs” she’d ever heard. She says it’s “Heaven-sent” because before she heard it she told her manager that she wants to do more inspirational music. Parton believes it was God who chose the song for her to sing.

“People go through so many things now but God only knows what you’re going through. God knows when you’re hurting, he knows all that,” Parton says in the video below.

Meanwhile, For King and Country says “honored” doesn’t quite describe how they felt when Parton agreed to collaborate with them.  They feel beyond blessed to be able to sing it with one of the most influential people in the music industry.

Indeed, “God Only Knows” is a powerful song that reminds us that there’s God who loves us and who will always be there for us. The melody and the lyrics speak for those who are in need of God’s guidance and assurance. They remind us that in everything we do and in all that we go through, He never abandons us.