Drug-Addict Turned Youth Pastor, Kelby Mcnab Shares How Jesus Saves His Life


Kely Mcnab attests to the power of God’s grace and the life-saving changes that one experiences when he opens his heart to Jesus.

Mcnab confessed to being a former drug-addict, a prison inmate at 17-years old, and he had several run-ins with the law during his youth. He even trashed a church early in the morning because he was high on illegal drugs.

“4 felonies, 8 misdemeanors, 2 hit and runs, 4 DUI’s, 5 car wrecks, broke into churchs at 2am in the morning high off pills,” he wrote on Facebook.


After his two brothers died he lived with a foster family. He did not go to college or did not have a dad to show him how life works. All he had was “an amazing mother who did her best and my decisions.”

“22 years old addicted to alcohol and Xanax bars because I let the enemy trick me and now here I was In a rehab wondering what it is I’m going to do with my life when I get out. Then Jesus showed up. I said yes to the offer He gave me and I’ve never went back since,” McNab testified.

In the video below, he recalled that while in prison he felt the Holy Spirit encourage him to change his life for the better.That’s when he started reading the Bible and decided to do right by God. He gave food to his fellow inmates in secret because he was stirred to be generous. There he met someone who would later pave the way for him to become a youth pastor when he left prison to start a new life with God by his side.

Despite McNab’s past, God had a plan for him. One that made him realized that he wants to dedicate his life to Him. By God’s grace, he is now a youth pastor in Anderson, South Carolina, going on his third year as a business owner, and is engaged to a woman who loves Jesus. McNab gets to share his life-changing story to 100s of people so they too can be uplifted and encouraged to open their hearts to Jesus.

In his Facebook post, he reminds people that “there is a God above who loves and wants you.” He advises people to “quit playing with life” and “living for the pleasure of now and forsaking your God-given destiny.” He reminds everyone about the peace and unspeakable joy that one experiences when he completely surrenders his life to God and follow his teachings.