‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Is Giving New Hope For Ex-Drug Addicts One Jewelry At A Time


The Robertson family continues to spread their Christian faith in any way they can even after the end of their hit History show “Duck Dynasty.” For Missy Robertson, she helps former drug addicts start fresh and find meaning in their lives with God’s guidance through her jewelry and clothing business, Laminin.

In an interview with CBN, Robertson revealed that she opened Laminin three years ago following a friend’s encouragement. She initially pushed the idea off because of her busy schedule. However, her friend was insistent and she realized that it was God telling her to open the business through her friend.

“…I really did keep putting her off, putting her off and the more she approached me, finally I thought I don’t think this is from her, I think this might be divine intervention,” Robertson said.

The hard part of opening a business is finding good employees. Robertson asked Ms. Kay in the church for help in asking around since she “works with so many women at church and different ministries.”

She expected Ms. Kay to bring working moms like herself but to her surprise, she met a group of women with troubled past.

“Six women showed up with all the same background. They are post drug addicts. I thought, ‘Did I specifically ask for that? I don’t remember asking for that’ And she (Ms. Kay) was like ‘You just asked if they needed a job’,” Robertson recalled fondly.

Robertson said that the number of former addicts under her employ eventually increased. She didn’t ask for it, it just happened. God used Laminin as a vessel for these women to leave their troubled past behind and lead a new life with spiritual blessings and guidance from God.

These women found a safe haven in Laminin where they can relax and be calm because “there is no judgment. No condemnation,” albeit there are some drama too.

“It’s a risk. Not everyone works out. We have seen at Laminin that our statistics are higher at keeping them because we understand the life they had before,” she explained.

The supportive environment encouraged these women to seek God. Robertson recalled one amazing day after they heard Phil talk about his Christian faith, that three women expressed their desire to be baptized. The Holy Spirit was with them that day and so Jase baptized them into Christ at church.

Through Laminin, which aims to “change lives”, these women found their purpose in life. They have redeemed their lives for a new purpose. But it’s not about the jewelry though, Robertson said. It’s about the power of unconditional love.