Elderly Christian Man Attacked On Subway By ‘Transgender Lady’ For Preaching The Gospel


A 79-year-old man received a brutal response to preaching the Bible at a New York subway when a woman mercilessly attacked him and wounded his head.

Multiple eyewitnesses revealed that the elderly did not harm anyone let alone talk to anyone, in particular, that would elicit such a response. He only sang a few gospel songs and shared the Bible with the passengers on the train. He also did not speak out loud or say anything harmful to anyone.

However, one woman may have taken an insult to his preaching because she approached him and screamed at him. Video footage captured from the said incident showed the woman, identified as a transgender, yelling at him in anger and cursing at him. At one point, she told the man to get out of her face before she hit him. But then she took off her stiletto and hit him on the head with the heel.

The attack caught the old man in shock and he could barely register what happened before one passenger asked him to sit down. He was bleeding terribly from the gushing wound on his head. But even with his condition, he still said: “thank you, Jesus.”

“This is what he got in return from a transgendered Lady. Who hit him on the head with her heels, threw his Bible away and no one didn’t do anything to help but to look at this old man bleed. It’s just so annoying because this old man was far away from Her….‍…..I was just so mad and I felt I needed to do something to help him because he was bleeding too much,” one of the passengers who helped the old man wrote on Instagram along with videos of the aftermath of the attack.


The man was taken to NYU hospital where he had to have 30 stitches to close the cut on his head. He was later released. Meanwhile, the woman remained at large. She reportedly fled the subway after she attacked the innocent elderly. The police are still looking for the attacker and are asking for information about her whereabouts.  We pray that the old man gets the justice he deserves following the brutal attack.